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Ecological Fairs Brno rank among the largest fairs in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on water management, waste management and protection of all aspects of the environment. They are regularly attended by most market leaders from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The fairs consist of the International Water Management Exhibition VODOVODY-KANALIZACE (VOD-KA) and the International Environmental Fair ENVIBRNO. In 2007 the fairs will be held for the thirteenth time.

Groundwater intake and protection
Water purification
Waste water treatment
Operation of water mains and sewer systems
Water piping, adapting pieces and fittings
Sewage conduits, sewer pipes and fittings
Pumping engineering
Measuring, metering, regulation and control systems
Geographic and information systems
Laboratory engineering and materials
Monitoring and assessment of water and sewer network state
Trenchless technologies
Equipment for trenchless technologies
Survey, design and consultancy works
Construction and supplier activities
Water and sewage systems in industry
Safety of labour
Others (water management sector)

ENVIBRNO - main branches
Flood control
Waste processing and reuse
Air and flue gas cleaning
Noise level reduction
Soil and landscape protection
Environment-friendly technologies for agriculture, food and industry
Removal of old environmental burdens and consequences of ecological accidents
Instrumentation for environment control
Literature, services, research, environmental protection associations

Ecological Fairs Brno are the place where producers of ecological systems, waste water treatment plants and many other modern technology meet their users, mostly industrial plants and cities, municipalities and state administration bodies.

Increasing investments have been made in the environmental protection recently; the European Union as well as individual companies realizing the importance of such investments. The fair, which marked a record-breaking session this year, benefits from the booming industry. Over 300 companies from ten countries made their presentations in Brno; the fairs were visited by over 8,500 visitors. Several hundred foreign visitors from all over the world visited Brno, including a number of V. I. P. guests, such as Shimon Tal, the Water Commissioner of Israel or Mohammed Al Yazghi, Minister of Environment of the Moroccan Kingdom.

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