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CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd
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610-2 Room, Guangfeng Mansion 118#, Suzhou East St, 下西里西亚
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"CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd, founded 1998, mainly researches & developes, and produces ozone generator, which should be widely used in industry, commerce, agriculture etc, with two production bases, located seperately in Pingxiang and Guangzhou

Currently CE's products, including air-cooled and water-cooled ozone generator, ozone output from 3g, 5g, 10g......, to 100g, to 2000g/h, are exported to Italy, Spain, Germany, US etc. more than 20 countries and regions. With the mission of ""making healthy life within an reach"", "CE" is committed to realizing the vision of ""the first brand in the environmental protection industry"".

Except for products, like ozone generator, oxygen generator, diffusers, blower, we can also offer service for water, effluent treatment and air purification project, from design, build, to system operate.


To be a guarder for green earth



Ozone generator, oxygen generator, tail gas destructor, fine bubble air diffuser, mbr, blower, dryer etc

Product application

Water treatment, effluent treatment, air purification



CE, GB/T2001-2016 idt ISO24001:2015/ISO9001:2015



One year for whole machine; lifetime maintenance for project"

Z oferty CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd


ozone generator

water treatment / drinking water 0.8PPM. Features: 1. Ozone output 3g/hr, portable ozone generator, 202 SS case 2. Built-in air pump, air volume, 10L/hr 3. With drying drum or without drying drum including activated alumina 4. Being with...


CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd

Adres: CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd, 337000 610-2 Room, Guangfeng Mansion 118#, Suzhou East St

Nr telefonu: +86-799-6828880 Skopiuj

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