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ozone generator

water treatment / drinking water 0.8PPM


1. Ozone output 3g/hr, portable ozone generator, 202 SS case

2. Built-in air pump, air volume, 10L/hr

3. With drying drum or without drying drum including activated alumina

4. Being with 4 non-slip feet or wheel to shift or move

5. Flyback transformer seperating from circuit board

6. Ozone current 300mA

7. Staphylococcal killing rate:99.94%

What is the difference between with or without drying drum in air ozone generator?

1. Whether external air is oxygen or air, after drying drum, the air would be more dry, which means ozone output per hour is higher

2. Once with drying drum, the portable ozone generator has better working condition, then life-span is longer.

PS: In n humid area or taking air as external air source, we advice you to have such air portable ozone generator with drying drum in it for office, home, workshop to disinfect

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